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What you need to know about Custom Tailoring

1.   Book an appointment for a consultation.  Tailored garments generally take 4-6 weeks, formal wear 6-8 weeks, bridal dresses and bridal parties 3-4 months.  So we definitely recommend you calling to book an appointment for a free 15 minute consultation* as soon as possible, if you are considering having something tailored.  *Consultations lasting longer than 15 minutes are $15 per additional 15 minutes.

2.   Come in for your scheduled consultation. During this consultation we will go over different design ideas, fabric ideas, and price points. Custom tailored garments start at the prices listed in on the price list and go up depending on the complexity of the gown and fabric styles.

     What to bring to your first appointment:
      - Pictures and ideas of what you have in mind
      - Few people.Too many people can be hard for this kind of appointment. Besides, it is YOUR garment, so we 
       need to know what YOU want it to be like!

     - A checkbook or cash.  We do not accept credit cards, and a deposit is needed before work can begin.

3.  First fitting.  At your first actual fitting (2nd time seeing us) you will see either a muslin mock up or a shell. This fitting is really only for us, so we do not recommend bringing people with you to this one. After the first fitting you will start to see more of what your garment will look like.

      Things to remember as you come in for your fitting:
      - Bring the shoes and all undergarments you intend to wear with the item being tailored.

      - Not too many people. While it is exciting, remember the seamstress needs your attention.
      - What you originally said you had wanted. Changes can be made, but only within reason.         
      - Communication with the designer is VITAL as she can only make what has been said.

4. Alterations.  Yes, your garment will need to be tailored once created. However this is complimentary and is just part of the process. It should go rather smoothly since we made the garment to fit you already!

     Things to consider at this point:
      - Final payments. Please remember that your final payments must be made and that we do not accept

        checks within 10 days of pick up.
     - Pressing/steaming is complimentary for custom tailored designs.

5.  Taking the garment home!

     Things to consider at this point:
     - Getting the garment home. Make sure you have enough room in your car, especially if it is a wedding dress!
     - Dress preservation. If this is a wedding dress, while it may not be on your mind now, you may want to plan

        on having your dress preserved in the future.

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