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What you need to know about Alterations

1.  If you are having wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, or other formal wear altered, call to book an appointment for a free 15 minute consultation*.  We recommend coming in 3-4 months prior to the wedding or 6-8 weeks before the formal event. However, if you have or need a different timeline, just give us a call and we can surely work something out!

​* The first fifteen (15) minutes of a wedding dress or formal wear alteration consultation is free. Consultations lasting longer than 15 minutes are $15 per additional 15 minutes. 


There is no need to make an appointment for other types of alteration.  The first 5 minutes of consultation for any other types of alterations are free.  After 5 minutes, there will be a charge of $15 per 15 minutes.  Skip to #3, if your alterations are not formal in nature.

2. Come in for your scheduled consultation. During this initial consultation you will get into your garment and we will go over everything that needs to be done. We will give you a price quote at this time. If you choose to leave your garment with us, there will be a non-refundable deposit and we will pin you up. You will leave with dates for fittings in advance of your pick up date, according to the work that needs to be done and the date of your event/wedding.

What to bring to your consultation:
- The garment to be altered

- Undergarments you plan to wear with the garment.  Clothes fit differently depending on the foundation of the undergarments beneath them.  It is important to settle on the undergarments before the consultation, if possible.

- The shoes you plan to wear with the garment (or shoes the approximate height).
- A checkbook or cash. We do not accept credit cards, and a deposit is needed before work can begin.

- Few people. Too many people can be hard for this kind of appointment. Besides, it is YOUR garment, so we need to know what YOU want it to be like!

3. At your first fitting (2nd time seeing us if it is formal/bridal wear) you will get back into the garment.  Depending on the extent of work that needs to be done on your garment, this may be the only fitting needed before the scheduled pick up date.  Sometimes, unforeseen challenges arise during the alteration process and extra fittings need to be added.  Please be patient, if extra fittings are necessary, they generally will not impact your pick up date.

Some things to remember as you come in for your fittings:
- How the garment fit before you brought it in. This helps you realize how much better it is after we begin working on it.

- Alterations are a work in progress that are not finished until you are satisfied.  Focus more on how the garment feels than it looks.  Sometimes the exposed "guts" of a garment in the process of being altered can cause clients unwarranted concern. 

- Finishing a garment (trimming extra fabric, finely stitching hems, pressing, etc.) is done after you are satisfied with the feel of the garment.  To finish a garment beforehand might limit your choices, should you desire additional alterations.   

- Bring the shoes and all undergarments you intend to wear with the item being altered.

- Not too many people. While it is exciting, remember the seamstress needs your attention. 

- Final payments. Please remember that your final payments must be made and that we do not accept checks within 10 days of pick up.


4.Taking the garment home! Yay, your garment has been altered and is ready to go home with you. If you have a balance due, please don't forget cash, we do not accept checks within 10 days of pick up.

Some things to consider at this point:

- Getting the garment home. Make sure you have enough room in your car for (especially if it's a wedding dress)!
- Pressing/Steaming. We do press the parts of the garment we work on, but your garment may still need to be fully pressed out. We do offer this service, just ask us about it!
- If it's a wedding dress, preservation. While not on your mind now you may want to plan on having your dress preserved at
some point.


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